Centre for Community-Engaged Health Research

A project by Ashlee Cunsolo Willox

            I am currently creating and establishing the Centre for Community-Engaged Health Research (CCEHR) at Cape Breton University. This Centre will bring together researchers, health professionals, clinicians, organizations, and communities to collaboratively tackle the complex health challenges in Cape Breton, Canada and abroad.  Through the CCEHR, our multi-disciplinary team plans to mobilize cutting-edge research results into tangible health strategies and health programming that aims to enhance and support the underlying determinants of health and well-being. The CCEHR will be structured around three overlapping themes and priorities—Indigenous peoples’ health, climatic and environmental change and health, health and place, and health justice/equity—all centred around participatory research methods. Embedded within the Centre’s space will be a full digital media lab, containing all needed photography and video equipment, computers, editing software, and sound-proof facilities to create videos, multi-media health resources, and documentary films, and to support a variety of innovative media-based health methodologies. Together, the members of the CCEHR and their partners and collaborators will work towards health strategies that can help individuals, communities, researchers, health practitioners, and decision-makers enhance health and assist in decreasing health disparities throughout Cape Breton, Canada, and abroad.

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