Global Ecologies, Local Collaborations

A project by Astrida Neimanis

Global Ecologies, Local Collaborations: Feminist Experiments in the Environmental Humanities combines scientific, critical humanities, and experimental arts based research as a means of rethinking ecologies and climate imaginaries beyond anthropocentrism. An international collaboration between Linköping University (SE), and three Australian universities (La Trobe, Canberra and Western Australia) the project admixes expertise in the fields of materialist feminist scholarship, ethics, education, water science, biological art, and mixed media art practices, the project establishes a lively collaborative frame for rethinking ecologies beyond the anthropogenic. Focusing on culturally significant local waterway/s (in Östergötland), the project seeks to creatively intervene in climate change imaginaries. The first stage will be a pilot research experiment to act s a pilot for the establishment of a world-class environmental humanities incubator at LiU (SE).


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