What it is: an online article written by Richard Ross for the And, Spider, Bee blog (Rachel Carson center).

Format: the author discusses the emergence of new technological modes of dissemination of the EH. On the flip side, he also addresses how these new modes offer novel information with which to conduct EH research (for example, how Zotero and Twitter helped him with his thesis).

Comments: an interesting take on the mutual influence of EH research/teaching and digital technologies. An interesting question he asks is, “how can digital projects represent environmental histories and engage broader publics in their interpretation?”? This article offers a comprehensive explanation of the utility of DH to EH.

What it is: an online article written by Julianne Nyhan (a professor at University College London) for the Arche Logos blog.

Format: the author recounts her experiences with integrating DH into the classroom. While not pertaining to EH directly, her explanation of “object based learning” is a carbon copy of what we tried to achieve with our Narrative project- bringing physical objects to digital life.
“In the class debate that followed we discussed how UCL might set about making a more effective online exhibition of such artefacts”

Comments: this project demonstrates how easily our Narratives project’s premise can be applied as a pedagogical tool.

What it is: an online article written by Adeline Koh for the Hybrid Pedagogy blog (open access, peer-reviewed journal).

Format: the author goes through an extensive, but comprehensible, list of DH pedagogical tools, offering many specific examples and further resources for teachers to use. Again, it doesn’t directly address the EH, but each suggestion (mapping projects, online exhibitions, Wikipedia editing and text analysis) can easily be applied to an EH topic.

Comments: The author does a great job of presenting the basics of each category of DH tools available to teachers.

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