Below is a selection of flash project presentations, portal discussions and a more general Digital Environmental Humanities discussion from the DEH workshop that took place Sept. 7-8th in Montreal. Summaries of the workshop’s events can be found here (day 1) and here (day 2). Please click on a screenshot to view the video on YouTube.

Project Presentations

Jim Clifford talking about his 'Digging into Data' project

Jaye Ellis talking about her projects concerning sustainable development and transnational law

Astrida Neimanis talking about her Thinking With Water and Deep Time projects

Jon Christensen talking about the Environmental Humanities Now website

Ursula Heise talking about her project titled "Where the Wild Things Used To Be"

Susie O'Brien talking about her project concerning resilience

Brett Buchanan talking about continental philosophy and the Thinking Extinction symposium

Adrian Ivakhiv talking about ecocinema studies

Lisa Quinn talking about the WLU Press Environmental Humanities series

Jill Didur talking about her Misguide to Himalayan Plants project

Cheryl Lousley talking about the culture of justice and the environment, as well as her Planet and Narration project

Cheryl Smeall talking about her project titled "Mapping the Republic of Letters"

Renee Sieber talking about GIS and her Participatory Geoweb project

Ismael Vaccaro talking about his projects about patrimonialization, a self-sufficient Indigenous community in Mexico and fisheries in East Africa

Portal Discussions

Veronica Poplawski and Stefan Sinclair discuss the development of this DEH portal

Jim Clifford talking about the development of the NiCHE portal

DEH Discussion

Jon Christensen and Ursula Heise discussing the Environmental Humanities as a discipline

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